While your friends and family can be wonderful sounding boards, and true sources of support,  therapy is the place where you really get to work it all out. You don’t have to feel badly about focusing on yourself. This is the point! Therapy is about having a scheduled place and time that you have carved out of your busy life, to reinforce your emotional health and well-being. It is your time to do the work that you need to do, in order to have a healthy relationship with yourself, and the people who matter to you. You can take the time to focus on what needs attention now, and what is next for you.

If you are blocked by aspects of your past, this is also the work of therapy, which will bring you more fully into the present moment where you are living your life in real time. In therapy, you get to step out of your to-do list, away from your work, and put your phone away, which is a huge gift you will be giving yourself.

I believe in the healing capacity of a therapeutic relationship, and by providing a compassionate, intuitive, and intelligent therapeutic space, I will collaborate with you to address what you most want to work on. In connection with your dreams for yourself, I will support you towards making profound and lasting changes, that will allow you to align more fully with your purpose.


The best part of therapy is that you get to bring all of yourself, most importantly, the parts that you work hard to hide from others, and even from yourself. In therapy you will get to look at the root causes of what you are struggling with and why, and explore everything that is getting in the way of living with a solid sense of purpose, and belonging. Then you will do work to make changes that stick. Getting ‘unstuck’ is a big topic in sessions. So is the work of shifting thoughts and beliefs that have become a never-ending soundtrack on repeat in your head, holding you back from the experiences that you are longing for.


Address Depression + Anxiety + Stress:
-Feel relief from a long-standing or new experience of depression
-Rediscover energy to get out of bed in the morning, instead of pulling the covers  back over your head
-Live your life without the weight of anxiety driving your decisions and experiences
-Become more hopeful about your future
-Develop tools to manage stress in your daily life so that you can experience relief
-Work with your tendencies towards perfectionism or self-sabotage
-Become more comfortable with who you are and how you live best in the world
-Launch confidently as a young adult
-Heal from loss & learn to grieve in ways that bring relief
-Heal effectively from the effects of trauma
-Focus on your health and wellness by bringing new rituals and routines into your life
-Process emotional & health changes that come with the later decades of life

Address Unhealthy Behaviors + Habits + Addiction + Thought Patterns:
-Learn to stop 'numbing out' with movies, smart phones, social media, food, substances, pornography, you name it ...                  
-Heal your disordered eating + body image issues
-Make your recovery from addiction stick
-Shift the limiting beliefs and mindsets that hold you back from your fullest potential
-Create new rituals and routines that anchor and ground you

Receive Support for Your Professional Journey:
-Find a deeper sense of purpose in your professional life
-Identify and navigate the obstacles you face in creating a meaningful career
-Receive support as you change jobs or professions
-Receive support to address difficult professional relationships with work colleagues/supervisors/managers
-Discuss your ambitions + create a plan of action to achieve your goals
-Recalibrate your work/life balance
-Address financial stressors that affect your professional decisions

Improve The Quality of Your Relationships:
-Discover what is holding you back from finding the right friendships
-Navigate the roller-coaster of dating
-Learn how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships
-Work through old ‘family stuff’ that you are ready to move forward from

Address the Issues + Decisions that Affect Your Intimate Relationship:
-Receive support around the transition from dating to deepening the commitment of your relationship
-Navigate the transition to living with your partner
-Explore the decision to open up your relationship
-Feel grounded in your decision to have/not have children
-Gracefully negotiate the evolution of your marriage/partnership to parenthood
-Explore issues that affect your sexuality in relationship
-Receive support during the Prenatal & Postpartum period
-Find the right balance between parenting and your professional work
-Respectfully separate/divorce and co-parent
-Transition from parenting children at home to 'empty nest'
-Balance the emotions and stressors that come with caring for aging family members

Receive Prenatal + Postpartum Support:
-Address the physical + emotional changes that accompany pregnancy
-Experience relief from the symptoms of Postpartum Depression/Anxiety
-Understand and move through baby or parent-led weaning
-Receive support during IUI/IVF, egg donation, surrogate birth, or adoption
-Grieve the loss of a pregnancy/baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss or  SIDS


No! Therapy does not have to be a life-long appointment in your weekly calendar. We will work together for as long as it takes to actualize the changes you are investing in. Everyone is different, and uses therapy in their own way. Once you have tackled the issues that brought you in, we then decide the frequency of sessions to maintain your hard-earned work. 


Therapy sessions vary in length and frequency depending upon your needs, your schedule, and your finances. Visit WORK WITH ME to learn more about how I work with Insurance Companies to support your reimbursement for our sessions. I am prepared to collaborate with your extended team of Doctors and Alternative Medicine Providers to provide you with a seamless experience in your Health and Wellness care.