Are you wanting to make changes in your life that will re-define your sense of purpose, lead you to greater fulfillment, and provide you with the tools to build enduring, healthy habits that sustain you? If so, then Integrative Coaching™ is the perfect place for you to land. THERE IS NO REASON TO DO THIS WORK ALONE. In fact, working within a trusted, momentum-based relationship will move you more rapidly towards your dreams and goals for yourself, than if you were to do this work in isolation. In other words ... there is no reason to sit in your own private cave and wait for change to happen!

Please note that my coaching programs are available to you both in-person and by phone, so you do not need to live in San Francisco to work with me in this capacity.


If you are curious about what takes place in Integrative Coaching™ sessions, let me demystify this for you. My work is guided by you, and structured by me, which makes the process collaborative. It is difficult on your own to figure out “where to start,” to locate your own deepest sense of purpose, and ask yourself the question, “If I weren’t scared, how would I do this differently?” This is why we do this work together, and why it so important to build a solid connection as we move into this complex, and deeply personal terrain. So here is how it goes ... I ask. I ask you a lot of questions. I listen. I will get to know you, and you will get to know yourself in new ways. You will reflect and share, and I will reflect back to you. During the coaching process, will move through a series of intentionally phased sessions using my 3 phase methodology: ROOTING™, GROUNDING™, and EXPANDING™ that I have designed to support you to deeply clarify and actualize your truest goals. In addition, you will receive home assignments that organically arise from our work together, and will amplify your growth between sessions.


-Restoring your experience of purpose, fulfillment, and balance
-Locating you inspiration
-Building + implementing healthy habits
-Reducing your stress
-Better equipping yourself to deal with obstacles
-Reworking your outdated patterns
-Bolstering your decision-making
-Distinguishing between your daily vs. your life-long goals
-Designing and implementing personal goals
-Manifesting your professional goals
-Reevaluating your career choices
-Cultivating creativity
-Navigating the prenatal/postpartum period
-Creating your optimal work/family balance
-Understanding the anatomy of your fears
-Strengthening your ties to a supportive community
-Examining your relationship to your substance use
-Working holistically with mild anxiety
-Increasing your capacity for lasting connection in relationships

At this point, you might be asking yourself how this will happen, since it probably sounds too good to be true. My answer to you is that it will take hard work, and may possibly be the most rewarding thing you have ever done for yourself. I will be holding you accountable to yourself, and to the process, and while I will be pushing you closer and closer towards your identified goals, offering you honest feedback and effective tools, I will also ensure that you are not left feeling overwhelmed, out-paced, or hopeless.

This is where my years of rigorous clinical training and experience as a Licensed Psychotherapist in the State of California kicks in. I want to be clear that while we will be working with your emotional world, past + present, we will not be doing the work of Psychotherapy together. If it becomes clear that you are in need of this very specific modality in order to negotiate more pressing mental health struggles, then we will move our work to this capacity, or I will refer you appropriately to a colleague for therapy and/or Psychiatry.

NOTE ...

Integrative Coaching™ sessions are NOT appropriate for you if you are suffering from chronic depression, debilitating anxiety, grief, substance addiction, and forms of mental illness which are most appropriately worked with in Therapy and/or in tandem with Holistic Psychiatry. Additionally, Integrative Coaching™ sessions are not reimbursable by your health insurance, unlike Therapy sessions.