Couples Therapy


Relationships are the place where we are put to the test, and most couples are tested at some point in our relationships. Whether your relationship is in the thick of something, healing from a past issue, in prevention-mode, or setting intentions for the future, Couples Therapy is intended to take these conversations out from under the rug, and place a gentle spotlight on them. Most couples lead busy lives, and are often too wiped-out to sit down after a long day at work, or are less willing to carve out time on precious weekends to hash things out. This is where your work with me comes in. We simply set aside the time, and we explicitly state that the quality of your connection is important. Then, the rewarding work of Couples Therapy unfolds. 

In relationships, our well-worn grooves, coping strategies, and patterning around communication show up with magnification. It can be challenging in all stages of relationships for couples to locate empathy for one another, and practice respectful communication in the face of evolving stressors or mounting resentments. Integrative Couples Therapy is a caring and proactive way to approach differences with intentionality. In a neutral environment that values deeply listening to one another, you will significantly strengthen and improve your relationship. By identifying and incorporating a shared set of ‘tools,’ I will guide you to skillfully attend to your relationship, and experience tangible growth.


Most concerns are welcome in Couples Therapy, as long as there is a primary agreement to work respectfully with one another.

Here are some examples of issues that have been brought to Couples Therapy sessions:
-Make a commitment to your relationship
-Create healthy rhythms & routines that support both of you separately, and as a couple
-Develop & maintain open communication
-Cultivate attuned listening
-Transform arguing into respectful dialogue
-Re-pattern blaming and shaming
-Understand your dynamic as a couple
-Focus on the patterns you would like to change
-Respect the introvert & the extrovert within your relationship
-Decide whether or not to marry
-Prepare for marriage
-Negotiate the changes that occur during pregnancy
-Move through differences in your relationship after the birth of your child/children
-Navigate IUI/IVF, egg donation, surrogate birthing
-Process and grieve unexpected challenges which arise due to miscarriage, stillbirth, the loss of a pregnancy/baby, SIDS
-Receive support for Postpartum Depression/Anxiety
-Navigate co-parenting
-Work through the effects of financial strain
-Process stressors caused by an illness or the death of a family member
-Rebuild connection and intimacy in long-term relationships
-Heal from infidelity
-Explore sex and sexuality
-Unplug from technology and rediscover intimacy
-Negotiate open relationships
-Maintain sobriety & recovery from addiction within your relationship
-Separate/divorce with integrity and respect
-Structure cooperative co-parenting during a separation or after a divorce
-Move from parenting at home to an 'empty nest'
-AND any issues that you would like to address in your relationship that are not included here


No! Couples Therapy lasts as long as it takes to find solutions and create healing. Some couples find that their relationship benefits from regular tune-ups once the issues at hand are resolved. 


I welcome ALL couples to my practice, maintaining a safe space for LGBTQ relationships and families. Couples Therapy sessions vary in length and frequency depending upon your needs, your schedule, and your finances. Visit WORK WITH ME to learn more about how I work with Insurance Companies to support your reimbursement for our sessions.