1. I have dedicated myself for 20 years to the work of helping people in my community to live less stressful, and more deeply fulfilling lives. My training as a Psychotherapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker, will provide you with deep & transformational sessions, which are grounded in the faster-paced, more goal-oriented work of Integrative Coaching.

2. I offer 3 Integrative Coaching Programs which are built on my 3 phase methodology: ROOTING™, GROUNDING™, and EXPANDING™. Each phase of the work will guide you to reach your personal goals, with the active support & intentional structure that my programs provide.  

3. We will begin with an initial Free 50 minute DIP YOUR TOE IN THE WATER™ call, and there is no obligation to work together beyond this point. Our time on the call is designed as a coaching experience, which will provide you with clarity on your next steps. 

4. My 3 programs are available to you both in-person and by phone, so you do not need to live in San Francisco to work with me in this capacity.


DIP YOUR TOE IN THE WATER™: Free Introductory Phone Session
DIP YOUR TOE IN THE WATER™ is an opportunity to get a feel for what it would be like to work with me as your Integrative Coach. We will spend time on the phone together, digging in. I will get a sense of what drives you, what is holding you back, and from there we will determine the best way to support you to achieve your goals and dreams.

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LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED™: 3 Months of Integrative Coaching Sessions
LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED™ is the most comprehensive coaching program that I offer. What distinguishes this 12 Week/3 Month program is the amount of time that we are able to dedicate to understanding and resolving issues from your past, the detail we place on unblocking obstacles in your present experience, and the intention through which we shape your future with concrete steps and accountability. Using the methodology of my 3 life-transforming phases of work: Rooting™, Grounding™ and Expanding™, we will spend 1 month working intensively on each phase, holding the ultimate goals of obtaining insight, understanding, and clarity for what is most important to you in your life. Through all that we uncover, we will effectively transform the blocks to your present-moment experience, revealing your sense of wholeness and purpose. I will equip you with an action plan that includes daily, weekly, and monthly habits, rituals, and routines that will create an enduring integration of our 12 weeks of coaching work together. After completing LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED™, you will walk in the world with a more complete sense of self, living in integrity with your greater vision, having transformed your deeply meaningful goals into your present-day reality.

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REACH YOUR DESTINATION™: 6 Integrative Coaching Sessions
REACH YOUR DESTINATION™ is an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the methodology of my 3 life-transforming phases of work: Rooting™, Grounding™ and Expanding™, that all of my coaching packages are based upon. During our 6 sessions together, we will identify your fears, your ‘stuck’ places, and their roots in your past. This investment of exploration into your personal history will allow us to dismantle your present moment obstacles, and mindfully design your future. We will look at the patterns, habits, and beliefs that are no longer serving you, and transform them into rituals and a mindset that aligns with your highest vision for yourself. You will move forward from REACH YOUR DESTINATION™ feeling supported with an action plan, that will shape the lasting benefits of our coaching work together.

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STAND ON SOLID GROUND™: 3 Integrative Coaching Sessions
STAND ON SOLID GROUND™ is a snapshot experience of Integrative Coaching. These 3 foundational sessions are a budget-friendly way to tackle a priority issue that you are struggling with, and are determined to change. I will guide you through the methodology of my 3 life-transforming phases, Rooting™, Grounding™, and Expanding™. When you complete STAND ON SOLID GROUND™, you will step forward with a clear personal map for change, and basic tools that will support you to confidently expand upon this important work.

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-Find your purpose
-Live authentically
-Show up more fully & confidently in the world as yourself
-Get in touch with & actualize your personal dreams
-Find joy, passion & purpose in your daily life

-Create more meaningful and connected relationships in your life
-Build a more fulfilling social circle
-Learn how to find meaningful love & partnership in ways that work for you
-End a stuck relationship with integrity

-Create a livelihood that is meaningful for you
-Invigorate your passion and purpose for your profession
-Change your career thoughtfully & proactively
-Transition smoothly into a new phase of your life

Reduce your stress and anxiety
-Manage your time more effectively
-Learn to prioritize instead of feeling paralyzed
-Make your sobriety stick
-Overcome your self-destructive patterns
-Create and sustain healthier eating habits
-Incorporate a lasting fitness routine into your life
-Balance your personal needs with the demands of parenting & family life

-Overcome the feeling that change isn’t possible for you
-Move beyond your own self-criticism
-Live your life without guilt or should's
-Dismantle the fears that are getting in the way of making important changes in your life

-Move forward with guided support after a crisis
-Rebuild your life gracefully after a loss
-Consciously grieve the past in order to live with more optimism in the present
-Rediscover your lost sense of hope