Coaching in Motion is exactly as it sounds. If you are a person who does your best thinking on the move, these sessions which include walking + coaching in a convenient Bay Area open space, are designed for you. We will begin with an in-office session to determine whether your goals, your budget + our schedules are a working fit for this model. Coaching in Motion sessions are offered as a package, or in a weekly format. 

Coaching in Motion sessions are booked at the discretion of Claudine Radford, and are not appropriate for all clients. Coaching session are not billable to insurance.

Coaching in Motion sessions are NOT appropriate for you if you are suffering from chronic depression, debilitating anxiety, grief, substance addiction, and forms of mental illness which are most appropriately worked with in Integrative Therapy Sessions and/or in tandem with Holistic Psychiatry. Additionally, Integrative Coaching sessions are not reimbursable by your health insurance, unlike Integrative Therapy sessions.