Integrative Coaching sessions are for you if your are struggling in particular areas of your life, find that you are unable to make tangible headway + you are seeking proactive support. Integrative Coaching sessions presume that you are always moving towards your healthiest self, and offer you a skillful framework to get closer to that version of you. After understanding the background and history of your ‘stuck-ness’ we will design proactive, pragmatic steps that will move you closer to your intentions and goals. Additionally, we will always be sourcing what has supported your success and optimal well-being in the past.

Integrative Coaching sessions are effective for:
Optimizing happiness, Managing and reducing stress, Creating sustainable health and wellness routines, Supporting healthy life transitions, Optimizing relationships, Designing and implementing personal goals, Manifesting professional goals, Reevaluating career choices, Cultivating creativity, Practicing Mindfulness in daily living, Navigating the prenatal/postpartum period, Creating                                                                                                                                                                                        work/family balance, Pushing through ‘the blues’, Examining your relationship to                                                                                                                                                                                      your substance use, & Working holistically with mild anxiety.
Integrative Coaching sessions are NOT appropriate for you if you are suffering from chronic depression, debilitating anxiety, grief, substance addiction, and forms of mental illness which are most appropriately worked with in Integrative Therapy Sessions and/or in tandem with Holistic Psychiatry. Additionally, Integrative Coaching sessions are not reimbursable by your health insurance, unlike Integrative Therapy sessions.

Integrative Coaching sessions vary in length and frequency depending upon your needs, your schedule, and your finances.