Relationships are the place where we are put to the test. Our ‘well worn grooves’, coping strategies, and family patterning all show up here with magnification. It can be challenging in all stages of relationship for couples to locate compassion, empathy, positive communication, and rise to be our best selves in the face of evolving stressors. Integrative Couples Counseling is a caring and proactive way to approach differences with intentionality. In a mediated and neutral environment that values respectful listening, couples are able to significantly strengthen and improve their relationship. By identifying and incorporating a shared set of ‘tools’, I support couples to skillfully attend to their challenges, goals, and hopes. Please note that I welcome ALL couples, and maintain a safe space for LGBTQ relationships and families.

Integrative Couples Therapy sessions vary in length and frequency depending upon your needs, your schedule, and your finances.